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‘Not so fast, Sweetie!’ Mrs Barker-Jones called out in a sing-song voice from the gallery to her husband down in the hall. Mr Barker-Jones’ brow furrowed. ‘But I’ll be late for work!’ he called back, eager to get out of the house to the relative safety of his office. ‘I’ve a board meeting first thing.’ […]

Mrs Stein shops at the Bergdorf Goodman department store on Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. On the first Tuesday morning of each month, at 10:55 prompt, at the grand entrance, the grey liveried doorman is on watch for the black vintage carriage which transports Mrs Stein the […]

Lara Meadows, the forty-five-year-old CEO of The Nurture Clinic, sank back into the plush cream leather swivel chair, and she allowed herself a deep sigh of contentment. Spread across the expansive glass desk before her, the full diary of appointments and the annual accounts spreadsheet confirmed that not only was the business very much in […]

May 1st is the date that the story from Proprietress Press Library with the largest following is then continued and published as the first title to be made available for sale via Lulu, Amazon, et al. A reader may plead for a favourite story either as a comment at this site or via email to Editress at […]